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VIAJES GO DE COLOMBIA IS SUBJECT TO THE REGIME OF RESPONSIBILITY ESTABLISHED BY LAW 30 / YD.R 1075/97 between the operating agency Go De Colombia accredited with RNT 27705 that for all purposes of the general tourism law (LAW 300 OF 1996) in this contract the operator agency will be called the operating agency  on the one hand and the person or company that makes use of the offered service and which will be called user. The operating agency and the user. The operating agency and the user agree to celebrate this contract that will be governed by the following clauses. FIRST The operating agency undertakes to transport users to previously agreed tourist destinations by accompanying professional guides, indications, information, recommendations and assistance to facilitate knowledge and enjoyment of destinations, sites and places of tourist interest. SECOND. The user agrees with the operating agency to pay the total value in advance of the tourist services and comply with the departure and return schedule provided by the operating agency. THIRD. When the user of the tourist services fails or does not use the agreed services, no cancellation notice is given at least 24 hours before the service begins. The operating agency can demand your election, the payment of  50% of the total price or the established fee or retain the deposit or advance payment that you previously received from the user (ART. LAW 300). QUARTER. The user is obliged to accept the inducements and recommendations given as a permanent child in a group, can not be held responsible for them, does not wear jewelry, precious metals, weapons, explosive, flammable, corrosive or other materials that constitute a danger to the group or the tourist destination, not to venture into areas or areas not allowed to exceed the limit of their individual in general and receive instructions and precautions that give the guide at the time of departure or during your trip. FIFTH. The operating agency reserves the right to withdraw its choice of service, tours or excursion to a user without prejudice to the operating agency. When security considerations and respect for others is required. The user accepts for his protection the use of life jackets in the areas indicated by the guide, carries out sun protection and insect repellent, can not take the service in a drunken state or under the effect of something else hallucinogenic, wear a dress of bath, clothes and shoes suitable for your own safety and care. PARAGRAPH. The user who due to illness or the cause of force majeure is forced to withdraw from the trip or an excursion or to the sea withdrawn from it by the operating agency is entitled to reimbursement of the value paid for the services not enjoyed except the expenses incurred . SIXTH. The operating agency is not responsible for acts of force majeure beyond control such as strikes, weather changes, storms, civil disturbances, thefts, epidemics and other factors beyond the direct control of the operator in short-term circumstances the users are reimbursed for the values ​​paid for services not enjoyed except expenses incurred. SEVENTH. The prices indicated in the provisional brochure are in the tariff and the conditions of the change at the time of printing, therefore they are subject to modifications without prior notice. EIGHTH. The user at the time of making the purchase of any of the tourist services accepts and assumes all the risks of the nature of this activity and frees the operating agency is exempted of any responsibility for these risks. NINTH. The operating agency reserves the right to make changes in the itinerary, the date of hotel trips, transportation and others that are necessary to ensure the success of the service, tours or excursion. PARAGRAPH. The agency can update the itinerary to the confirmed hotels and the other services for another equal or superior when the changes are in the benefit of the user. TENTH. The operating agency will reimburse the user's values, as the case may be, as a result of cancellations due to events described in the FIFTH AND SIXTH clause of this contract, in the time selected between the operating agency and the user.




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